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Resort Review – Desire Cancun

All images (except as noted) courtesy of Briana Bliss

In August, My partner, his wife and I decided to take our “Trio Leo” birthday party on the road for my 40th birthday. I got the opportunity to visit the beautiful Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort in sunny Cancun, Mexico. This all-inclusive, clothing-optional, high-end couples resort really knows how to help people unwind, let loose, and have a good time. We took part in their “threesome” month promotion. During the months of January and August, you can have a third person (female), stay in your room for an additional fee. They do this promotion again in January for their official ‘swingers month.’ What a deal and what a way to travel with your polycules!

The trip from Portland to Cancun took about 14 hours with the time difference and layovers. If you happen to be one of our readers in Seattle or don’t mind driving to that airport, they have direct flights available which I may think about if I get the chance to visit again. That would make travel time a mere five hours allowing more time for fun and intrigue and less time in the drudgery of travel.

When you enter the Pearl, you are welcomed by the delightful staff and handed a glass of champagne. Taking in the sheer beauty of their lounge while checking in, made me feel like I was entering a grandiose sort of dream. The gleaming marble floors and the plush furniture made me think of palaces that I have yet to explore. The ambiance was peaceful, relaxing, and very welcoming. I was… excited to say the least. 

They upgraded our room to the Penthouse suite because it was available. My partner is a “Premiere” member and that has some really great perks. If you are planning to be regulars to the resort it is a great option and may be worth looking into. They will try and upgrade you any time they have availability to do so. Maybe you are proposing there and want to visit the same room where you made those memories for your honeymoon. They will try and accommodate any requests that they can. They truly want you to have a remarkable experience.

Our butler greeted us and took our luggage upstairs. He showed us the amenities on our way to our room. Their attention to every detail is impeccable. There wasn’t a dead flower or a thing out of place to be found. They even remove the seaweed that washes up on the beach. It is truly exquisite. We got to our room and I was blown away!

We walk in and it is unlike anything I have ever seen. Beautiful stone floors, a huge bathtub carved from gorgeous stone. We have every amenity known to man, and I assure you the other rooms are lovely as well. The word that comes to mind was posh. It was tastefully decorated and we were provided with almost anything you would ever need. We had beer, sodas, and water in the fridge which they replenished every day. As nice as the room was, it was nothing compared to our balcony. It overlooked the pool, the hot tub, and the ocean. We had our own bed out there, lounge chairs, our own soaking pool. Nothing like watching the sunrise from your warm soaking pool. If you are anything like me, you sleep naked on the balcony bed and wake up in a flash rainstorm! It was absolutely glorious.

The first night we decided to take it easy. We went to one of the amazing restaurants for dinner and hung out at the jacuzzi bar. We were wiped between being awake at 3:30 in the morning and traveling all day. I would even go as far as to say, if you are staying for a week, seriously recoup on day one. You won’t regret it. 

The next day woke up, threw on our sarongs (you have to be covered to eat in restaurants and at night you must be in nice clothing for dinner) and had breakfast. We told the pool concierge that we would like three loungers by the pool for the day which he had prepared when we arrived. We spent the day lounging in the shade around the pool. The Pina Coladas and the tequila was flowing. With the swim-up bar, there is plenty of time to socialize and meet people. I was the only plus one at the resort and at no point did that make me feel uncomfortable at any time. Some people had questions about the polyamorous lifestyle, some people had never heard of such a thing and there were many that were part of the swinger community. It was a really great mix of non-monogamous type relationships. 

Before I left Portland, I was a little anxious about being so exposed as a curvaceous, chunky girl. Once I saw the reality of the acceptance of the people, there really was no awkwardness. People didn’t care and many people gave appreciative smiles and greetings. There were people of every shape, size, color and age group. Some people wore swimsuits or clothing around the pool. Many had sexy coverups or used jewelry to bling up the nakedness. Here I could be me. It gave me a feeling of power and freedom that I hadn’t experienced before. These things really lead to an enlightening experience. 

If you are someone who doesn’t have a voyeuristic side, do not fret! Sex is not allowed in the common areas except the jacuzzi, the sin lounge, and private rooms. However, if nudity isn’t your thing or it makes you feel uncomfortable, this may not be the resort for you. 

Every night around 9:00pm, they have a live band with different themes, that play in the entry lobby. They open the giant glass doors and turn it into a little dance space. What’s really fun is that the hostesses and hosts that walk around helping us all day, are there to dance with us! Each band plays a different genre, and it was so fun to dance with the people that you have met throughout your stay. 

At around 10:00pm the Sin Lounge opens up for a themed show. Everything from aerial performances in gorgeous costumes, to dance troupe dances with a BDSM theme. Of course, there is another bar here as well to really kick off the night’s festivities. Once the superb performances concluded, the Sin Lounge is one of the most hopping clubs around. They have a great DJ and play lots of genres of music. There is bound to be something for everyone (unless you only like classical because they don’t play that). From here the night is your oyster.

Many people migrate to the hot tub somewhere around midnight. Some people dance the night away in the club. Other’s go enjoy the amenities, and the sexy people, in their room. I am sure somewhere someone slept, but I really am not sure who! They must be the people lounging at the pool by the time I was done with breakfast. No way Jose!! The hot tub in the wee hours is a nice way to have your final shot of Jose, relax from the excitement of the day (or make more) and wind down to sleep.

The resort has different events throughout the day. Around the pool, I saw a fashion show and a game that they call “kinky darts”. They had volleyball in the pool and on the sand. The resort has a lovely gift shop if you need some new items for your wardrobe or perhaps a masque for the Masquerade. If there is something that you need that they don’t have, you can go to the concierge desk and ask. They can have almost anything delivered. They have three different restaurants, two you need reservations for, the other is walk-in. They have different themed nights in two of the restaurants except for the Japanese Restaurant, Suki. There are so many choices for your dietary needs, and if you want something special just ask! I had them making me the best spicy margaritas, which is something they had never served before. The three chili margarita that I had at the restaurant Aphrodite is a drink that I will always dream of. I am telling you, the restaurant staff and cooks will do anything they can to make sure that you enjoy your meal. The five-course meals were delectable, but be warned. I never made it to dessert. Next time I may eat dessert first!

The Pearl also has couples classes, and a well-equipped spa to get pampered in. They have different “upgraded” activities to do such as the catamaran or dinner by the water. Your possibilities are endless.

We met some really wonderful people while we were there. Many people I spoke with said that they have met couples in the past from all over the world and they keep in touch and plan future meetings or vacations together. I know that I have been emailing two couples that I have met there. You never know! Every day you see people going around from group to group hugging and bidding each other adieu. Some people shed some tears. It truly was a beautiful experience. 
Looking for an intriguing vacation in a tropical paradise? I suggest seeking out Desire. If you go in with an open mind, you may live out some of your fantasies and desires…

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