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October 2019 Issue

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What a chaotic month September has been! Of course we ALWAYS have our big parties over Labor Day weekend… our Back To School Bash with the Frisky Friends Club is always a ton of fun, all of the sexy antics of a swinger takeover in a vanilla bar, and all of the karaoke you can stand, but even more so the prizes! Taboo Video, Clone a Willy, The Velvet Rope, and Club Privata all came out in a huge way! 

The first weekend of the month got just a little busier too, with the addition of a distribution event at The Velvet Rope. Each month, on the first Saturday, our staff will be on hand at the Velvet Rope to hand out pre-purchased copies of the magazine, and to meet and greet with people to talk about the magazine and let them fondle our copies. We have some really cool ideas on what we’re going to be doing with this new event in the future… stay tuned!!! In the meantime, if you see us at any event, come up and tell us you read the magazine! We don’t get a lot of feedback so we love talking to our readers, and getting to hear your comments. 

The fun of the Labor Day weekend was quickly dampened by website chaos. We’re in the process of moving our website to a new host and it was supposed to be super easy, but our first attempt failed miserably. It was a valuable lesson learned and may have given me trust issues that will last a lifetime… Unfortunately it meant our site was a bit squirrely for a few days (our website was literally down for over three days), but I’ve got it back on track for now. Sadly, it still needs to be moved. Hopefully that move will happen in a way that is a little more seamless for our audience going forward. 

So what do we have in store for you this month? We have, what I think is one of the sexiest couples I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. Romeo and Kitty are truly a beautiful couple, but they are also very aware and well spoken in the lifestyle, and they are great advocates as well, which makes them perfect to be your October Temptations. They are working on attending both of our distribution events. I hope you have a chance to meet and chat with them… They are genuine, real quality people. 

Image courtesy of L.A. Iversen

It’s no coincidence that one of our more popular issues should also have one of Portland’s more well known artists. We’ve been dancing around with Christopher Mooney for nearly 2 years now… We finally decided it was time to get him into the Artist Spotlight. I’m super excited for a behind the scenes look at some of his favorite works, and the opportunity to get to know him a little better!

It wouldn’t be a proper Halloween issue without some Halloween party coverage! This month we have the honor of featuring the Portland Erotic Ball, a Portland favorite Halloween costume party, that is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Guest writer Josh R. Fujii, sits down with hostess Sasha Scarlet for a candid conversation about the history of the Portland Erotic Ball and just what goes on in the McMenemins Crystal Ballroom. Featuring the photography by local Portland photographer Jason DeSomer, even if you’ve never been, you will get a feel for what the party is like. It’s a beautiful article and an amazing spread… one you will definitely want to check out! 

Have you ever been to Cancun? Me neither… but Briana Bliss recently made a trip with a couple from her polycule, to celebrate their birthdays. She tells us about the amazing resort they stayed at, and all of the wonderful amenities the resort offers. This is an independent review so you’re getting real and honest feedback… Once you read it, and check out some of the photos from her trip… You’re going to be wanting to get your trip booked! 

Of course, we have BrewsNews and For the Love of Food… part of our staple diet here at PDXScene Magazine. This month Chrissy does her annual pumpkin beer and cider review, and samples a few tasty pumpkin flavored brews. Ellie matches that pumpkin flavored effort by putting together some Pumpkin Spice Candied Nuts, that I promise you will want to put in your mouth. 

I want to wrap this up with an invitation… I happen to be a featured artist at Club Privata this month. I’ve put together a show of images that are all shot within the last year or so. Most of them are with models from this last year, some are from the issues we’ve already published, some from upcoming issues… and some are a few gems I’ve been sitting on. Some of the models will be present for the show… I would really love if you would come down to Club Privata from 6pm until 8pm on Thursday, October 3rd and show them the love they deserve. A lot of the PDXScene staff will be present as well… We would love to see you, and have you stop by and visit.

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