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November 2019 Issue

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The issue that almost didn’t happen… it has been a bit of a frustrating month for us here at PDXScene Magazine, but despite some serious setbacks, we’ve managed to crank out an issue… that although is missing a key component, is full of great content that celebrates the men of our community in the way we want.

November has become our month to celebrate men. If not in the actuality of embracing the values of International Men’s Day (Nov 19th) in the spirit of taking advantage of one month to put the men of our community front and center. Normally we would have a Male Temptation of the Year.. but the process was plagued with issues and seemed to be doomed from the beginning… we’re going to take a different approach next year… stay tuned.

Ellie Love produces another year of Dad-Bod Dudoir that celebrates the average guy, in a fun spirited and lighthearted way… these are the men of your community… putting it out there in a tongue in cheek way that shows their less serious side that you all love!

Would you like to get your own story published? We have a fun opportunity for you to submit your Holiday Themed story for consideration for publication in our December issue! Follow this link for more details.

Michael Love had a recent experience that prompted him to go for a re-check of his 15 year old vasectomy. The story is fun and lighthearted, but also informative. Its an article you will definitely want to check out!

L.A. “Larry” Iversen covers a topic that many of us don’t consider. We take photos of our friends, and the sexy people in our lives, but what can we do with those photos? Larry covers a few of the more formal legal agreements that will help make sure you’re not getting yourself into trouble.

Chrissy Cooper recently took a trip up the gorge with some of her friends and family… check out her story and the photos from her visits to a couple of the Brewers and a Winery she visited, and read her reviews.

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