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January 2020 Issue

You may be thinking… where’s the January issue of PDXScene Magazine? Well… its not PDXScene’s magazine anymore… it grew up and now it belongs to the world. You didn’t really think you were going to keep it all to yourself did you?

We’ve renamed it to ENM Magazine… so that the world will know it’s theirs. For the most part it is the same magazine we’ve always published it just has a new name and some new flavor. We’re excited to feature people, and businesses all over the country, because Portland is not the only place where Ethical Non-monogamy and Sex-Positivity is important. We’re excited for the opportunities to inform and educate people all over the world, and to also have opportunities how things are done in other parts of the world.

Our first issue of ENM Magazine features local Temptation Amber Lynne. She is a Pansexual Rope Bottom who loves to engage in relationships without labels or definitions… She is a well known person within our local community and we’re excited to share her story with the world!

We started our magazine for the purpose of promoting the local erotic art scene. While it would be impossible to continue to promote the local scene in our global magazine, we are going to continue to feature Erotic Artists all over the world. This month we’re featuring local artist Chazz Gold who is well known in our communities, and an established photographer in his own right. He has connections all over the world, and has done a considerable amount of professional and casual work all over too, so its fitting that he be the first artist to step into our brand newly rebooted Artist Spotlight.

Since we’ve rebooted our magazine before we had a chance to complete our Ethical Non-monogamy series, we’ve rebooted that article as well, so our new readers from around the country and around the world will have an easier time following along… so its a bit of review for you, but necessary for continuity. If you’ve not seen it before be sure to check out our article about Ethical Non-Monogamy.

No self respecting magazine would allow itself to be published without a food article. Ours is no exception… Ellie made the trip with her “For the Love of Food” article where she talks about her lifestyle relationships and how she integrates feeding her partners with different food creations that she makes.

So what will happen with PDXScene Magazine now that there is no longer a magazine? We will continue to produce local flavor here. We’re actually really excited for the opportunities this opens up for us. Our community calendar will still have a home, and Chrissy Cooper is going to continue to publish her BrewsNews column here as well. Some of the sexier content will eventually leave the scene, and this website may become even more about the Portland scene and the many things happening. I’m also opening up this blog for guest writers who may have content they would like to drop on us here. If you’re among those please contact us using our handy contact form… we would love to add you to our family of writers.

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