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Erotic Artbeat NW – December 2019

One of the most amazing things about Portland is our love of art and all things creative. In our non-monogamous lifestyle we combine our love of art, along with our love of sex and we have several venues that host erotic art galleries. The following is a listing of those places, information about their galleries, and when and how you can view them. We will also talk a bit about the artists who are featured there when the information is available. 

Gallery Privata

Gallery Privata is well known for all things stylish and posh, but their Art Gallery is one of the featured aspects of the establishment. On Thursday, December 5th, Gallery Privata will be celebrating an opening of the artistry of two unique but distinctly different artists.


Lucca grew up here in Portland, and has lived in many different areas from unincorporated Multnomah County to East 82nd! She currently attends Portland Community College where she is working through her Associates of Arts. Lucca hopes to transfer to a four-year art school next year to complete her Bachelor of Art. Lucca started drawing in middle school when she and her friends got into comic books and manga. She continued taking art classes through high school and branched out into other mediums and styles. During her high school explorations, Lucca discovered a love for acrylic paints and figure painting. Over the past year at PCC Lucca has delved even deeper into her art to refine her style and explore what she wants to do with her art.

Since beginning at PCC Lucca has begun to work on art that advocates for her fellow queer people. She hopes to use mythology to rebuild a sense of lineage, history, and validity which has often been stripped away from queer folk. Lucca also has plans to begin exploring Carl Jung’s work in more detail to create a series based on his archetypes which she is very excited about! 

instagram: starryeyed_notconfused

Essentially, this show is a bit of a debut for me, as it’s the first time I’ll be showing my art in a non-school setting! I’ll be showing a number of the figure paintings I’ve done over the past year, so the whole thing is pretty eclectic thematically. Since starting college my art has grown and changed a lot! I’ve found a personal style that I really enjoy, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with more people! I suppose if my collection were to have a theme it would be beginnings, and I hope that the people who see my art are as excited about where my art will go from here as I am! 


Grace moved to Portland in 1990 after completing a BS from the University of Washington in Seattle. As much as Grace wanted to study fine art at the U of W she decided to pursue a science career instead. “I needed a day job to support my art habits,” as she puts it. Grace has always been fascinated with human figure and form, this fascination started in high school art classes taught by Jerry Scheideman, an amazing and talented artist himself. Beginning in high school she turned to works by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giacometti, Picasso, and Dali for inspiration. In college she had the great joy of studying anatomy in science classes and in lab, and also in human drawing classes. She loves to explore ways to suggest subtle movement on 2 dimensional canvas and paper to highlight the beauty of the human body, especially to rejoice in female features of the human body.   

Grace was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household, sexuality a forbidden joy. For this reason she was careful about how she posed her subjects. The subtle suggestion of something sexual, or something alternative (hands bound behind the back), faint impressions of a spanking, stylized marks of a flogging, can be seen on her figures. The hidden agenda, joy in sex, is subtle.

Grace recently separated after a 15 year marriage. She reexamined her thoughts about relationships and realized that she was more open-minded about sexuality outside of the monogamy box. And she also realized that she doesn’t have to hide the forbidden any longer. She has a new series of paintings that reflect her curiosity about alternative sexual experience including polyamory and kink.

“One person cannot meet all of your needs. Most of the people I know have many friends with different interests, one friend is a yoga buddy, another is bicycling buddy, yet another is the cuddler. So why should it be any different regarding our intimate friendships?”

 Grace points out that we humans benefit by a matrix of friends and lovers. All friendships must be nurtured and cared for with a sincere ethical regard, erotic, platonic, and otherwise.  

[Artist Links] None-Provided

Club Privata will be hosting a public art opening of these artists’ fine work, with no door fee and no membership requirement, from 6-8pm on Thursday, December 5th. Come view the art, talk with the artists, and sample some of the tasty beverages from local breweries, wineries and distillers. 

Club Privata 

824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, Or
Thurs – 8pm-2am
Fri and Sat – 9pm-4am

Sanctuary Club

The Sanctuary Club is an upscale and elegant event space and nightclub. Sanctuary provides a gathering space for a large and diverse sex-positive community. Sanctuary welcomes all gender identities and relationship configurations, LGBTQ+, poly, swing, kink, POC, and all curious, like-minded, happy people. Their venue is ADA accessible.

Sanctuary offers a full bar, lounge seating, dance floor, open play areas, dungeon furniture, ample sanitary supplies, and a fun, convivial atmosphere.

Lucian Schmit

Artist Lucian Schmit was having a conversation with Holly, one of the people running Sanctuary, and she made a comment that made him think about his own work. He decided to use this reflection as a theme for his December show. Specifically, it was about how many photographs are focused on breasts. Feeling guilty of that himself, he thought it would be fun to show some prints that don’t do that.

As a professional procrastinator, Lucian waited a bit too long to select and print what to show. With the holiday season on its way and his inbox filling up, he noticed an incredible offer for canvas prints. He selected 5 photographs and was sure they would be terrible but was nicely surprised when he got them. They add a painterly look which appeals to him as he’s never been a fan of the super sharp work that came along with the digital revolution. This will also be Lucian’s first ever show exhibiting color. “Garish, right?” jokes Lucian.  He will be selling the prints at cost for $25 each. “I do this for fun.”

Lucian challenges guests attending his opening show on Dec 5th from 7pm to 9pm at Sanctuary to guess what the theme is. 

Lucian Schmit doesn’t consider himself an artist or a photographer. He loves to make things happen, play, and has a gift for connecting people. In this spirit he is thrilled to have his friend Jon on hand to play music during the opening. “I’ve heard him use Middle Eastern sounds at times in his electronic sets and asked him to play some down-tempo in this style.” Jon uses the name Aliwah! as his DJ name.


First Thursday Opening is on 

Thursday, December 5th at 7pm; 

No membership or door fee required before 9pm

The Sanctuary Club
33 NW 9th Ave Portland, OR 97209
Above Splash Bar  enter on 9th

We want to promote ALL erotic art First Thursday shows. If you are a curator for an Erotic Art Gallery and wish to have your Art Show featured in our monthly article, you’re invited to contact us at

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