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December 2019 Issue
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Check out our annual holiday edition of PDXScene Magazine for 2019! Featuring our own locally known beauty Layla as your December 2019 Temptation of the month! We sit down and talk about life, and how she and her husband relate to the lifestyle and the club scene! Hers is definitely an article you will want to check out, not just for her beautiful images, but also to get to know her… just a little better than you might already!

Chrissy Cooper steps away from the BrewsNews article this month for a crack at our 3rd annual Naughty List! Give her article a look for some fun and sexy Christmas shopping ideas that you might consider for that special sexy someone in your life!

Briana Bliss checks in with an article about different types of Poly relationship configurations and what they might look like and a brief discussion on how they might work.

Ellie Love talks about compersion and one way that helps her feel more connected and involved in her partner’s other relationships. Along the way, she finds a great recipe to share with you!

One of our local friends, Lana Lovewood answered the call for Holiday Erotica and her sexy fiction earned her a copy of our December issue of PDXScene Magazine and some pretty sweet bragging rights to go with it. Be sure to check out her holiday-themed erotica…. because it is NSFW you can only see it in our online magazine.

and of course, we have our Erotica Artbeat Northwest article where we feature some of the local art scene that is showing this month. Read up about, and check out the work of artists Lucian Schmit, Grace, and Lucca in the clubs downtown, then come on out on Thursday, December 5th to meet the artists and tour their work personally! Details in our community calendar!

and of course, being the holidays, we have some yummy Christmas Elves to brighten your page turning experience…

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