Community Calendar Guidelines

Our community calendar is open to any group, organization or business that caters to the Ethical Non-monogamy, Kink/BDSM, or LGBTQ+ Communities for events that are held within a 200 air mile radius of Portland, OR.

The Calendar is free for everyone to use, and you are encouraged to post your events, both private and public. If your event is private, please indicate how people might be able to join your organization in your event description.

Events posted using the front end Community Event page, are subject to moderation. Please be patient while we review your post and get it approved.  This process will sometimes take as long as 24 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the admin using the form on this site. If you represent an organization that will be posting events frequently, please contact our admin so we can discuss the merits of an administrative login to enter your events.

The following are our terms of service.

Do not duplicate – Please check to ensure that your event is not already listed on our calendar. Multiple organizers can be listed for the same event.

No concurrent events – Concurrent events for the same venue and the same organizer are not permitted.

No Spam – You may not use our community calendar to spam our community. All event listings must be for an actual event with a specific start time, and specific end time at a specific location. You may not use a community calendar entry for the sole purpose of advertisement other than to promote a specific event. YOU MAY list promotions within the event description provided it is inclusive of that event as long as the event listing is an actual event.

Accuracy and updated information – Organizers are responsible for maintaining up to date information in our calendar. If your event changes it is your responsibility to update or remove your listing. PDXScene Magazine is not responsible for inaccurate information in our calendar.

Images and Graphics

Image and Graphic rights – By uploading images to our site you certify that you have transferrable permission to use and publish the images and graphics you are uploading to our site. You are solely responsible for all content you upload. If it is determined that you have uploaded content that you do not have permission to use, we reserve the right remove that content. We do not allow graphics that contain trademarked characters, or copyrighted images.
If you find your content that you own copyright or trademark on our site and wish to have it removed, please contact us using our contact page and we will address it for you.

No Nudity – We do not allow on our public facing blog, any images that depict nudity (Nipples or Genitalia) or sexual acts whether real or simulated. Any images that depict this type of content will be removed and you will be notified. Repeated offenses will cause your account to be suspended.

The purpose of our community calendar is to promote all events within our community. We emphasize community in our events calendar and will not tolerate events listings in our calendar that are not wholly inclusive of the entire community, or that are intended to create division within our community. These terms of use are subject to change at any time without notice. Violations of these terms may result in having your event removed from our calendar and repeated violations may result in your account being suspended. Please engage in fair use, and goodwill when using our calendar.

Weekly Newsblast Information

Every week we send out a newsblast to hundreds of our viewers that lists current events, as well as a snapshot of our calendar for the week.

We will add all events that are in our Calendar by Noon on sunday into our Newsblast that goes out on Monday afternoon. Please make sure you have your content uploaded by Noon on Sunday to ensure your events are posted to the Newsblast.

While all events in our calendar are posted in the newsblast, emphasis is given to those who support our site with advertising dollars.  If you would like to support our site and get this emphasis placed on your event please contact our sales team using the contact form on this page.