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Erotic Artbeat Northwest – September Art Shows

One of the most amazing things about Portland is our love of art and all things creative. In our non-monogamous lifestyle we combine our love of art, along with our love of sex and we have several venues that host erotic art galleries. The following is a listing of those places, information about their galleries, and when and how you can view them. We will also talk a bit about the artists who are featured there when the information is available.

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September 2019 Issue

September 2019 Issue September… Summer is ending and Fall is upon us. Unfortunately for us, that means an issue that is a little lighter than usual. We have a couple of writers who are taking a break for the end of the summer, so the rest of us have had to step up. In an effort to fill the additional pages, we also have a lot more of our personal lives in this issue as

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Crawfish, Beer, and Everything In Between

Crawfish, Beer, and Everything in Between! by Chrissy Cooper After having such a good time at Occidental Brewing’s Crawfish Boil Anniversary party a couple of years ago, I have been hooked on the idea of doing a boil at home. My polycule looked into doing a boil for my birthday later that same year, but we realized that with all of the friends and family that would be there, that we would have to buy

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